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How to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

July 19, 2018
How to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

Whether you have a tight budget or you want a DIY wedding for a more personalised ceremony, the wedding bouquet is a key aspect of this momentous occasion. And since taking care of all the wedding flowers can be a herculean task, a wedding bouquet is a doable task.

Let’s begin.

Choose your flowers and do your research

The first and most important part is to decide on which flowers you want to incorporate in your wedding bouquet.


Spray roses and white roses are popular choices for wedding bouquets. They’re classic and elegant, easy to work with and they don’t wilt easily—provided you keep them cool and in clean water. In fact, any focal blooms in Valentine’s Day Flowers are appropriate for your wedding day. Of course, you also have to consider the motif of your wedding. To be safe, white flowers go with any theme.

Another flower gaining favour in the wedding industry is the Lily of the Valley. They’ve always been favoured for their beauty and elegance, but since the royals themselves have used them for their wedding bouquets, other brides are following suit. Queen Victoria, Princess Astrid of Sweden, Grace Kelly, and Kate Middleton are just some of the famous royals who opted to use lily of the valley for their wedding bouquet.

Where to buy:

The flower market is easily the easiest way to get your flowers at affordable prices, though you can also purchase flowers from an online wholesaler or even the grocery store.

Things to consider:


It is necessary to do your research by going to the market, checking out the shops or stalls selling the freshest blooms and if they’re within your budget. Your budget can dictate the type of flowers you can buy and the number of flowers you would need.

Flower arrangement

What kind of flower arrangement you decide would dictate the amount of flowers you need as well as the prep work. A cascading flower arrangement, for example, would require more flowers as well as fillers. For this DIY tutorial, we’ll be making a hand-tied bouquet. For that, 5-10 focal and secondary blooms would suffice.


You also need to consider the season for your wedding. Certain flowers can command higher prices when they’re off season. For instance, peonies can be quite costly when they’re off season and largely unavailable during summer. Singapore’s hot climate is unforgiving to flowers which bloom in temperate zones, so expect higher prices in general.

Gather your materials

Basically, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Shears
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon
  • Your flowers of choice
  • Pins
  • Water

Clean up the flowers

Start prepping and crafting your DIY bouquet the night before your wedding. It’s straightforward enough. First, clean up the flowers.

With your hands, take out the leaves and wipe the stems to remove any dirt clinging to the flowers. Then, remove the thorns from the roses for a smoother base. Finally, cut the stems so they have uniform lengths. Clean your filler foliage with a soft cloth as well.

Start gathering the flowers into a bunch

After the flowers have been cleaned and prepped. It’s time to gather the flowers into a bundle.

First, choose 3-5 focal blooms to serve as the base of your DIY wedding bouquet. Then start adding in fillers and additional blooms in a circular manner. Don’t forget to add foliage to make your bouquet more textured and interesting.

You can gather the stems together by wrapping them with a floral tape. Continue to add tape as you add flowers so you get a strong base.


Store the flowers properly

Once done, it’s time to place your bouquet in water overnight to keep the blooms nice and hydrated for the big day. Flowers need their beauty rest, too. Place them in a cool place to avoid wilting.

Add finishing touches to the bouquet

It’s your big day! There’s one final step before you take your bouquet down the aisle.

Dry the stems with cloth then add the ribbon wrapping around the stem. Don’t cover the entire stem with ribbon. Leave 1-2 inches of exposed stem above the ribbon and 3-5 inches below it. You can use pretty pins to secure it. Then spray the bouquet lightly with water and cover the flowers with damp tissue until it’s time for you to walk down the aisle.


There you go! Easy, right? Of course, if you are not the crafty type. Her Flowers has a whole collection of bridal bouquets you can choose from!

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