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Famous Flower Festivals Around the World

May 28, 2018
famous flower festivals around the world

Flower-loving travel enthusiasts may want to take note of the following fabulous flower festivals around the world. Music festivals may be the hip thing to do and attend, but colourful flower festivals never goes out of style!

From Thailand to Belgium, the colourful and festive flower arrangements from these flower parades, expositions and cultural events are sure to inspire wanderlust. So you think grand opening flower delivery Singapore from your favourite Online Florist is impressive, wait ‘til you see the extravagance and scale of these flower floats, installations and floral creations. All of your favourite blooms—from Roses to orchids— set in whimsical works of art.

Portugal (Madeira) – Festa da Flor

Festa da Flor is an annual cultural festival in Madeira, Portugal that takes place after Easter. This flower festival celebrates the arrival of spring by highlighting blooming flowers through beautiful flower floats and carpets designed by local artists.

The festival lasts for 4 days and involves various activities. On the first day, children dressed in flower costumes participate in the construction of a mural of flowers called “Wall of Hope.” The second day consists of parades, dancing and an overall immersion into the rich culture of Madeira. Locals and tourists can visit flower markets showcasing flowers that grow in the region. This is also the day when floral carpets are exhibited in streets and contests are held for the best decorated shop windows.

Belgium (Brussels) – Flower Carpet

Every two years during summer, a hundred volunteers from Brussels as well as neighbouring countries gather in front of Grand-Place, at the heart of the city, to assemble the flower carpet in 4 hours using hundreds of thousands of fragrant begonias! This year’s mounting and official inauguration of the stunning Flower Carpet will take place in August 16th.

This tradition started in 1971 and has been a highly anticipated event since 1986. In the evening, there is a concert accompanied by a magnificent sound-and-light show. The theme changes every time, but it is always rooted in history, tradition and diplomacy.

Belgium and The Netherlands – Bloemencorso

Bloemencorso, the Dutch term for flower parade, is celebrated annually in many towns and regions in Belgium and the Netherlands. As part of the festivities, various vehicles, floats and even boats are decorated and covered multi-coloured flowers. Some floats are shaped as giant animals, well-known characters and other subjects.

The Bloemencorso at Zundert, Netherlands is currently the largest flower parade in the world. It is celebrated every first Sunday of September. The flower floats are constructed using cardboard, steel wires, and papier mâchés. In addition, only dahlias are used to decorate the floats which means millions of dahlias are needed to mount this festival.

Italy (Ventimiglia) – La Battaglia di Fiori

La Battaglia di Fiori or the Battle of Flowers happens once every two years in the old town of Ventimiglia. Like many flower festivals, this is the celebration of the coming of spring. It is essentially a competition for the best and most opulent float that is made almost entirely out of flowers—thousands and thousands of flowers!

The floats are shown and exhibited around town for two days. During this period, there are also lots of music and feasts culminating in a fireworks display. After that, the floats are touched up for judging the following day. During judging, all entries circle the town two or three times where lots of flowers shower the crowd.

Colombia (Medellin) – Festival of the Flowers

Feria de Las Flores or the Festival of the Flowers is a week-long celebration commemorating the end of slavery as well as to celebrate the independence of Antioquia. Porters, called silleros, cargueros or silleteros, used to carry colonial officials on their backs up steep hills in the Colombian Andes. As a nod to this inhumane practice, the world-famous silleteros parade feature participants carrying flowers on their back instead.

USA (Pasadena) – The Rose Parade

The Rose Parade, held annually in Pasadena, California, began in 1890 and has since become one of the world’s most famous flower parades. It usually takes place on New Year’s Day featuring awe-inspiring rose-adorned floats televised live in the United States. Thousands of people go to Pasadena to witness the parade of floats, complete with marching band, a horse parade and a beauty queen contest!

Thailand – Chiang Mai Flower Festivals

Closer to home, the Chiang Mai Flower Festivals happens in the first weekend of February. The festival uses numerous types of flowers, though they are known for the yellow and white chrysanthemums, and the Damask Rose which is a rose variety found only in Chiang Mai. The flower floats are flanked by dancers in traditional Thai costumes and marching bands. Lucky spectators can also receive flowers handed out by parade participants.

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