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Low Maintenance Blooms for Busy Bees

May 21, 2018
Low Maintenance Flowers for Busy People

Do you know why Bouquet Delivery is often reserved for special occasions? Well, one reason is that people often see flowers as fussy and high-maintenance when in fact that’s not always true! With the right care and upkeep, cut flowers can last for as long as 2-3 weeks.

Don’t hesitate to buy fresh flowers from your favourite Online Florist because there are ways to make those lovely, fragrant birthday blooms or grand opening flowers last longer. To lengthen the life of cut flowers, you can read more from our post “Flower Care Basics: Lengthening the Life of Cut Flowers.”

In the meantime, here are the top 5 low-maintenance blooms that last long either potted or as cut flowers. Busy bees, rejoice!

Lovely Lilies

Low Maintenance Flowers | LiliesVASE LIFE: 1 week

Lilies come in various shades and varieties.  There are also different sizes of buds you can choose from. What’s great is that you can buy them fresh all year round. In most cases, this cut flower can last longer than seven days.

When buying lilies, try to look for blooms with tight buds or you can specify this to your online florists for online purchases. This way, the buds will still open up once you place them in water. For upkeep, simply remove the flowers that are wilting or past their prime.



Low Maintenance Flowers | TulipsVASE LIFE: 7-9 days

Just like lilies, tulips with tight buds last longer as cut flowers. Tulips are actually sensitive to temperature and would react in different ways. For instance, if you place them somewhere warmer, the buds would open up. On the other hand, cooler temperature would make the buds close back up!




Cheerful Daisies

Low Maintenance Flowers | DaisiesVASE LIFE: 2 weeks

Gerbera daisy is another flower with a long shelf life. If you’re picking out daisies from the flower market, a simple trick to gauge its freshness is to hold the flower upright and observe the petals. If the petals are not perky or sloping down, then they’ve been in the water for a while. Move on and choose fresher options.

Once displayed in your home, make sure to place gerbera daisies in cooler place of your home. This would prevent the flower petal from drooping quickly.



Low Maintenance Flowers | ChrysanthemumsVASE LIFE: 2 weeks

Chrysanthemums are flower shop staples primarily because of their long shelf life. Of course, they’re also popular because of the many varieties of colours, from white, purple, green and red. This makes chrysanthemums versatile blooms for different flower arrangements, from wedding flowers Singapore to condolence wreaths.

Chrysanthemums signify nobility and longevity which is appropriate since they last quite a long time!



Low Maintenance Flowers | Proteas

Her Flowers, The Sylvia

VASE LIFE: 2-3 weeks

Proteas often add a wow factor to a bouquet, like the crown to a queen.  These exotic blooms adds texture and beauty to a mixed bouquet. More than that, they can last for almost a month! Yes, they’re that hardy.

Pro tip: Split stem ends to make sure they absorb as much water in the vase.

Her Flowers The Sylvia uses a trendy mix of strawflower, snapdragons and a fabulous protea for all the cool and sophisticated women in your life.

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