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Practice Self-Care with These Inspiring Blooms

March 14, 2018
Practice Self-Care with These Inspiring Blooms

We also deserve some lovin’ which is why self-care is such a catchphrase these days. Instead of waiting for someone to appreciate you, show yourself some love by ordering a lovely bouquet from your favourite online florist. Apps and Internet connectivity make bouquet delivery so fast and convenient now! So go ahead and pamper yourself with these inspiring blooms. You deserve it!


Self-Care | SunflowerWith a flower resembling the sun, you just know you’ll be brimming with happiness and optimism once you get these sunflowers in your hands. They’re also great for brightening up your workspace in case you need some inspiration or motivation. Plus, sunflowers are perfect for summer!




Baby’s Breath

Unconventional Blooms and Bouquets for Valentine's Day - Baby's Breath

Her Flowers, The Bella

If you need to channel happier, more carefree times, Baby’s Breath can bring back youthful innocence and whimsy. This is why they’re usually given during baby showers because of their gentle and nurturing appearance. They’re also quite feminine, so ladies in Singapore, pamper yourself with some pretty Baby’s Breath.





Self-Care | Tulips

Her Flowers, Wonderland Bundle

Our multi-coloured tulips is like a rainbow after the rain. So if you’re feeling downtrodden, these tulips are perfect for uplifting your mood. We have even paired the colourful tulips with a box of 8 luscious macaroons to help you indulge—perfect for Treat Yourself Day!





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Self-Care | DaisiesDaisies, the friendliest of blooms, can go hand-in-hand with a fruit basket delivery. Take these lovely blooms and healthy produce on a picnic while you drink in the invigorating sunshine in the great outdoors.




Pastel Pink Roses

Self-Care | Roses

Her Flowers, Rosy Glow

Another flower that exudes femininity are pastel pink roses. We have bundled up these bestselling blooms with our hand-poured candles and delicious macaroons. So give yourself a Rosy Glow with our ultimate pampering bundle.

Restore and rejuvenate your senses by taking time to smell the flowers. Beautiful things can inspire beautiful creations, so let Her Flowers reignite your passion for love and life.


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