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Unconventional Blooms and Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018
Unconventional Blooms and Bouquets for Valentine's Day

The Love Month is already in full swing with Valentine’s Day just a few days away. Have you planned your date yet? Or have you ordered the perfect bouquet for your spouse or significant other? Flower shops and online florists in Singapore are likely already stocked to the brim with the more traditional flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day, so there’s definitely plenty of choices. But, you may want to change it up this year.

Instead of buying the usual chocolate and bouquet of roses combo, why not find something more meaningful and memorable to give to your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Surprise your beloved with something different using the following unconventional Valentine’s Day Flowers.


Unconventional Blooms and Bouquets for Valentine's Day - OrchidsYou don’t normally think of orchids when you think of romance, but in fact the symbolism attached to orchids is much more profound. Different hues convey different meanings. White orchids can represent purity and innocence, while yellow orchids can mean friendship and a fresh start. For Valentine’s Day, pink and purple orchids are ideal. The former highlights the elegance, grace and beauty of women, while the latter symbolises respect and admiration. So more than just the passion of love, you are showing your devotion by emphasising the strengths and admirable qualities of your partner. Moth orchids are top choices among thousands of orchid varieties. It comes in shades of purple, pink, white and yellow.


Baby’s Breath

Unconventional Blooms and Bouquets for Valentine's Day - Baby's Breath

Her Flowers, Bella Bouquet

The simplicity of Baby’s Breath may not make them top-of-mind for Valentine’s Day. They are actually more prominent as filler flowers and foliage for weddings, grand openings and other festive occasions. But they have recently gotten the attention they deserve, with Baby’s Breath bouquets becoming a popular staple in the florist’s collection of blooms. Our Bella Bouquet is actually one of our best selling flowers in our Boutique Beauties collection! Baby’s Breath represents everlasting love, after all, and like enduring love, it’s the simple everyday things that can make a relationship’s foundation even stronger.



Pampering Bouquet

Unconventional Blooms and Bouquets for Valentine's Day - Pampering PackageInstead of bundling your 99 Rose Bouquet Singapore with just chocolates or wine, why not give her something for her overall well-being. A pampering care package or hamper of flowers, aromatherapy candles or spa essentials is a well-deserved treat for every hard working lady. Let her know she’s a keeper with the gift or relaxation and you’ll see her face light up with appreciation.

You want something more personalised? Reach out to our friendly staff and florists at Her Flowers for bespoke bouquets and customised flower arrangements. The number to call is +65 3163 9387, you can also email [email protected]. Nothing says thoughtful and sincere than giving her favourite blooms in her favourite colour. We’d be happy to make your Valentine’s Day extra special with a handcrafted flower arrangement just for you!

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