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How to Upcycle Cut Flowers for Kitchen Use

June 25, 2018
How to Upcycle Cut Flowers for Kitchen Use

Cut flowers and Bouquet Delivery are often seen as frivolous and pure aesthetic. But while people can mistakenly just throw out perfectly good blooms when they wilt, there are ways to upcycle cut flowers to maximise their use.

There are tons of DIY instruction online on how to reuse or upcycle fresh flowers for your kitchen. To save you the effort of scouring the Internet, here are a few eco-friendly ideas to help you upcycle the next bouquet of blooms you receive from your favourite Online Florist.

DIY Flower Chandelier

You can hang flowers to dry, so while you are drying the cut flowers they can serve as a beautiful ornament to your kitchen. You can also hang spices and other dried ingredients above your kitchen counter for easy access. It’s not only a pleasing addition to your interiors, it can also serve a practical function.

For decorative purposes, house parties or something to spruce up the kitchen, check out this step-by-step guide to creating a Gorgeous DIY Flower Chandelier. Here’s one you can follow to make a flower chandelier to light up your dining table.

Decorative Floral Frames

Once you’ve dried up the flowers, you can press them on books and then create lovely installations and flower frames to add a personal touch and a homey feel to your kitchen. Add a hand bouquet to your next fruit basket delivery order to get the process started.

This Dried Flowers Hanging Frame tutorial will give you all you need to know to create a rustic artwork to hang on your kitchen walls. All you need are blotting paper, flower press (use pre-pressed flowers if this isn’t available), flowers, blotting paper, hanging frame and organic glue.

Edible Flowers for Your Cooking

When you send or receive fresh flowers, it may be better to send edible blooms. This way, the flowers are not just a feast for the eyes, they can be yummy for the tummy, too! For instance, most roses are actually edible. Here’s a list of edible flowers for your reference.

Once washed and properly dried, you can store the dried edible flowers for different recipes like candied flowers and spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes for added flavour. You can even eat them fresh and put them in salad! Here are a few delicious recipes for edible flowers to try out.


There you go! Also, check out our post on flower care basics to lengthen the life of your cut flowers. There are plenty of ways to give your cut flowers a second or third life. You just need to get your creative juices going.

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